Due to strong relations with the world of research and innovation, Kannon M.S.D has a network of dozens of international experts and specialists, and thus offers an original combination of skills, including :
scientists working in the academic world while carrying out numerous studies for industrial companies,
engineers experienced in modelling, simulation, high performance computing, big data and machine learning,
business specialists, associated with the target field.
This combination of skills has enhanced effectiveness from its capacity to treat problems on a multidisciplinary level.

KMSD strives to mobilize experienced professionals, or even very experienced if necessary, who are thus able to act as authoritative advisers, familiar with problems encountered by the clients and the posed questions.


We work with a network of scientists who operate in the academic world while carrying out numerous studies for industrial or service companies. KMSD is a spin-off of the CMLA (a joint unit of ENS Paris-Saclay and the CNRS), with whom it maintains a close relationship, without prejudicing cooperation with other laboratories mobilized according to the themes addressed.

The heart of the scientific network is at ENS Paris-Saclay, and extends to members of CEA, CNRS and international universities. We mobilize, either separately or simultaneously, leading international experts and young researchers who carry out more "quantitative" work, such as bibliographic analysis, analysis of patents or software studies, etc.

A key point is our commitment to answer questions put forward by our clients, in fulfillment of our commitments and under time constrains, even though these questions may originate from the academic field.


Most of our engineers have been trained at leading engineering schools and have a doctorate.

They have a range of specializations, such as scientific modelling and simulation in their field (discrete systems, optimization of fluid mechanics processes, solid mechanics, biotechnologies, chemistry), high performance computing, big data, statistical learning, control systems, etc.

They carry out studies and document the developments, producing verifiable and replicable results.

The developed codes, for example simulation or optimization tools, are maintainable and can evolve.

Business specialists

Business specialists are associated with the domain in question.

As a project progresses, the coverage expands, and a network of partners is formed. Dialogue with the ordering client makes it possible to consider the context to be taken into account and treated.

This notion of work is sometimes not immediately defined precisely.

Some decisions must combine technical approaches such as R&D (Research and Development), financial considerations, commercial strategies or risk management.
These are business angles, which within large organizations may not be merged into a single definition of "business".