We call "Skopos" our offer of state of the art and road-map technologies, in reference to the ancient Greek term which designates both the observer, the guardian, but also the objective, the goal. Analysis and understanding of crucial details must be combined with a strategic vision : this comes from seeing the link between the microscopic and the larger picture.

Establishing a present and forecasted state of the art for a scientific field, technology or innovative product that requires know-how, skills and efficiency that are not widespread and / or are unavailable. Carrying out an ad-hoc scientific or technical study may in certain cases be decisive. Finally, even in the most advanced companies, the mediation of an external third party to meet or evaluate the players in a given area or market gives a significant added value.

Skopos mobilizes specialists mutually reinforcing to analyse all types of publications. Not only scientific and technical publications, but more broadly including models, software, patents, product definitions. The profile and skills of the players at international level are evaluated, in particular their respective abilities.

Establishing a corporate technological road map is strategically essential. It is not only necessary to find the present and future states of the art, but above all, how these are related to the objectives of the company must be defined. If too ambitious, the risk of failure will be excessive; if too conservative, the risk is being uncompetitive. The definition of the road map must be carried out in the context of proper risk identification and management.

Project engineering

The state of the art proposed by KMSD is not just a simple literature search! A Project Manager, who specializes in this work, ensures production team management when working toward the deliverable as well as the constant alignment between the customer's needs and the results. The work is gradually discussed during Customer and KMSD Workshops. Our state of the art includes expert interviews that provide concrete insights.

Technological roadmaps are designed during Creative Workshops between the Client and KMSD. Participants receive pre-workshop materials that are guided by a consultant who is experienced in this exercise.