SKOPOS : The observer, the guardian, but also the objective, the goal

Scientific field, technology, leading innovative products

• know-how, skills and effectiveness are scarce or unavailable comodities,
• the intervention of a suitable external third party to evaluate a team, technology or solution is an essential contribution to investment decisions.

KMSD mobilizes mutually reinforcing specialists for projects

• professionals with complementary backgrounds, from a broad spectrum and with experience of collaborating well with industry and service providers,
• university professors, research directors,
• network of international experts, including the ENS Paris-Saclay, the CNRS, the CEA, and their international collaborators.

Project evaluations of teams or companies

• critical analysis of the underlying science and technology,
• state of the art,
• credibility and specialization present and future,
• intellectual property analysis,
• interviews with key people, assessment of their scientific and technical value.


• on time (example : investment decisions),
• integrated into a broader process (examples : merger-acquisition, strategic road-maps).