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    Kannon MSD

    Multi Physics & Machine Learning

Kannon M.S.D [KMSD] is an emanation of the Centre de Mathématiques et de Leurs Applications (Centre for Mathematics and its Applications) [ENS Paris-Saclay et CNRS].
This new company proposes advanced solutions for studies, modelling and simulation to support decision making based on the underlying science and techniques.

Our valuable proposition is to create and implement methods and tools that improve the decision making process during the course of a project and beforehand with view to the project launch, along with the development and exploitation phases :

Studies of state of the art and arbitration of road-map technologies Feasibility and relevance of systems with regard to their characteristics (performance, cost…) Coherence of technical and economic factors Requirements and their engineering Validation and their engineering Optimisation of processes.

These methods, and skills, are very useful in due diligence of technical or scientific aspects for investment or merger-acquisition decisions.

The decision-making responsibility for considerably challenging issues [launching the development of an infrastructure of a system, company acquisition, equipment renewal, change in an operational process, …] must often be assumed by people who have not mastered the underlying technical elements. They are therefore obliged to rely on specialists who cannot sufficiently well take account of exogenous variables [financial hypotheses, competitive strategy, evaluation strategy…].

The generic question is then : what if a consequence arises of this or that evolution?
To support decision-making by opening up to managers, the capacity to arrange the analysis of the possible option in response to needs that are all the more crucial than the issues themselves.
It is also the opportunity to facilitate the emergence of a common vision and optimisation at the heart of the enterprise of the decision making team: the overall optimum is not a priori the juxtaposition of an optimum for each subset or every aspect.

Our approach

The approach is adaptable to the addressed problem and comes in three or more parts :

Our references

Ordering customers are responsible for two principal departments at the heart of a company :
- R&D or RDI (Research-Development-Innovation) directions,
- in relation to RDI, the general/ executive Directions within their industrial activities, of digital transformation, of planning, of risk management …

Sometimes business development projects within an enterprise rely on R&D teams (for example, exploiting a deposit at a depth not yet reached) to master technological innovations. In this situation, the added value of KMSD is immediately available for an engineering project.

Digital transformation, which is a crucial aspect for many companies, is logically an application for KMSD.

The KMSD team has references from the following customers :